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We Want Your Scrap Pallets!
Wisconsin's renowned specialists in Scrap Pallet Removal, BTL Pallet, offer these convenient programs:

1. The Trailer Spot Program
If you can scrap at least 300 pallets per month, BTL will park one of its own rugged, DOT-Certified trailers in your dock full-time. When the trailer is full, call and within ONE BUSINESS DAY BTL will come replace it with another.

2. Live Load Program
If you have scrap pallets gathered in one spot and ready to be loaded, BTL will make an on-the-spot pickup. Please call us for more details.

Why BTL?
This is very important if you are a large corporation with recycling quotas to meet. With a growing landfill problem facing us, it is important to be viewed as a good corporate citizen. This makes both of us part of the SOLUTION, not part of the problem.

For more than 30 years, BTL has provided hundreds of companies with innovative, environmentally-sound pallet solutions.

Discover for yourself the benefits of working with BTL Pallet.

Hurry, get in touch with BTL today. Call (414) 761-0220.

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